Numerous health screening options are offered by Sree Aurobindo Diagnostic and Analytical Centre, along with value-added services like cutting-edge pathology, radiology, and cardiology services.

A thorough examination is the simplest approach to identify and treat ailments early on in today’s busy lifestyle, when stress causes many silent diseases.

The Sree Aurobindo Diagnostic and Analytical Centre’s Health Packages were created with the understanding that not all diseases exhibit early warning signals and are intended to give precise detection of such disorders.

We at Aurobindo DAC offer trustworthy and secure preventive and therapeutic testing services to corporate employees. We provide everything from yearly to pre-employment checkups, providing a 360-degree facility. We are anxiously awaiting the chance to work with corporate businesses that support convenient testing facilities for workers and their families. In order to meet the demands of our clients, our highly skilled and effective personnel conducts on-site and off-site examinations by offering tailored packages.
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